Praise For 'Held: A Musical Fantasy':

"...All three singer/actors are triple threat performers with gorgeous voices and have created great characters…

...Ripp-Dieter was the adroit alpha female, commanding the stage with self-confident inner fire. She has a voice that wakes up old regrets, nostalgia, and forgotten crushes. She is a formidable performer channeling her energy into a character that is like both easy flowing water and scalding desert sun..."

-Jacquelyn Claire of


"...Accompanying the actors are three musicans playing piano, cello, and bass, orchestrated wonderfully with John Feith’s sound design to create Held’s soundscape. With no set, Feith's design and Rose’s tragically beautiful orchestrations invite the audience to imagine time and place. To top it off, our ensemble wonderfully brings Maxwell and Rose’s songs to life..."

-Sarah Weber of Theatre is Easy

Praise For 'Housebound':

"...Housebound is clever, charming, and different, with a perfect balance of serious and comic moments. With well developed characters in a love story that is entirely unique, I would have easily believed someone if I had been told it was not written by an undergraduate student. Ripp-Dieter displays talent not only in performing, but in writing music and crafting a story as well...

...Ripp-Dieter's earnest performance was incredibly refreshing, and the telling of the story was almost as if hearing a story from an old friend..."

-Kate Mann of Broadway World

Other Praise For Hannah:

"...Hannah Ripp-Dieter turns in a lovely performance as a dog, a Warthog, and a cursed princess, among other roles..."

-Gwen Rice of The IsthmusThe Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

"...Kate, the oldest sister and prim matriarch of the Mundy clan. Portrayed with subtlety and affection by Hannah Ripp-Dieter, Kate’s stern and morally rigorous demeanor only rarely reveals her desperation to keep the family together..."

-Gwen Rice of The Isthmus; Dancing At Lughnasa


"...Hannah Ripp-Dieter, who plays the alluring Kathy Stapleton, really seems like a movie star from the late 1930s..."

-Katie Reiser of The IsthmusHound of The Baskervilles


"...Standouts include Hannah Ripp-Dieter, playing a 'lively' neighbor to Baskerville Hall, who looks like she’s having a blast..."

-Lindsay Christian of The Capital TimesHound of The Baskervilles